2003 Arctic Cat FireCat F7

2003 Arctic Cat FireCat F7
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Engine size (cc):  700
Type:  Sport
Exterior color:  Green
Engine type:  2-Stroke
Electric start:  No
Reverse gear:  No

Sled is in mint cond...super low miles-1424miles-...no crashes or anything like that, well taken care of and hardly used. Used and setup for trail riding. Runs perfect and never gave me one bit of trouble, fast and handles awesome...best sled I've ever owned hands down.

03's was the first year for the Firecats...and the best IMO...and there were a ton of updates that needed to be done if you didn't want a pile of junk after a few rides. I took delivery of this sled in 10/02 and didn't ride (lack of snow) that year until 2/03. I did the major updates (i.e. coolant bottle) before it was ever even ridden. All the other ones were done over a couple of years. There's plenty of info on the web about 03's...some people like to bash the hell out of them but it's all BS, these sleds were beasts and tuned on the ragged edge....if you did the updates and took care of them you were good. This sled was my baby and I took the best care of it.

It has a bunch of extra stuff on it too:

3 exhaust cans...I have 3 different exhausts for it. the stock which is on it now. a MBRP Rumble Pack. and a Stock can that has been mod'ed to sound like a straight pipe but look like a stock pipe (i'll explain if your interest in why)
103 Woody's Megabite 1.450"studs with green backers - replace not to long ago and have low hours on them. Sled has 1 3/8" lug track

SLT skis and carbides
green sliders
lower Gears - I think i put 44/19 in it...i can't remeber...but it's setup for holeshots and coming of the corners fast. I have the stockers too which is easy to change
SnoPro intake Bullseye
CRC Shorty Brake Lever
Tank Bag Setup
AC CrossCountry Racing Rail Gaurds
Metal Spring Adjuster Blocks
Trailer Cover - it was in a enclosed trailer tho so it's hardly used
ODS Clutch Kit
Water Temp Gauge
SnoPro Hoods with Graphics - hood also has screen inserts
pull cord antiwear tube
extra belts (3), studs, performance manual, factory manual .pdf...and whatever other related parts i can dig up...i'm probably forgetting something too but that's all can think of for now
i ride with no swaybar so its not on the sled. i will reinstall it if you want, it takes 2 seconds, your choice. the way it's setup now tho you can't beat this sled in the whoops, it floats right over them and doesn't throw the front end around. real riders don't ride with a swaybars anyways